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Features of HD ENG / EFP Lens

FUJINON's Studio / Field lenses are essential for applications requiring the ultimate in control and optical quality. Our latest box lenses have advanced unique technologies, and they compliment various production styles. All FUJINON box zoom lenses can be utilized for large sporting events, entertainment and studio program production. Fujifilm will continue to develop products used in a wide-range of productions.

DIGIPOWER ― Digital servo technology


Many FUJINON ENG / EFP lenses feature our digital servo control system, known as DIGIPOWER. All DIGIPOWER ENG / EFP lenses provide vastly improved accuracy and repeatability compared to previous designs and enable custom control parameters to be memorized for individual camera operator's preferences.

Auto cruising zoom

Pressing the C-Z button while zooming will set the zoom speed at that rate. Slightly pressing the seesaw switch a second time will return the zoom speed to normal.

Zoom mode select

The zoom mode switch provides the option to change the servo zoom response from “normal” to more sensitive at the wide or telephoto positions. With the 10-zoom mode feature for ENG / EFP lenses, the user can select the most suitable sensitivity for their production.

[Image] Zoom mode select

Zoom limit

By using this function the zoom movement toward both the wide and telephoto side can be limited.

Zoom maximum speed adjustment

The maximum zooming speed obtained when pressing the seesaw switch to the end can be adjusted.

Serial digital remote control / PC control

Remote control of zoom, focus and iris for DIGIPOWER is possible via serial digital link.


QUICKZOOM speed is 0.7sec, end to end. QUICKZOOM provides a rapid zoom movement, by the simple push of a button, to the full telephoto position in order to check focus. Releasing the button returns the lens to the original zoom position. The QUICKZOOM function can be performed either from the drive unit or remotely from the zoom rate demand controller.

Quickframe (optional)

Quick Frame allows for quick manual framing of a shot without the need to select the manual operation. Adjusting the focus manually automatically disengages the servo, which is then automatically reengaged, when the manual focus operation is stopped.

[Image] Quickframe (optional)

Virtual connector and 16-bit encoders

The DIGIPOWER drive unit now features built-in high resolution 16 bit encoders as standard for highly accurate positioning in some virtual studio, robotic and other applications.

[Image] Virtual connector and 16-bit encoders

New Digital Grip

Fujifilm has designed a new, unique Digital Grip for all DIGIPOWER portable lenses. The new Grip is designed to enhance our already exceptional operation performance.

[Image] New Digital Grip
Ergonomic design

The beauty of our New Drive Grip is that it is focused on usability and comfort. We have worked closely with a number of talented camera operators and implemented their design input in the new drive grip. The grip features a comfortable feel and the controls are naturally placed making a seamless interface.

[Image] Improved usability
[Image] Easy operation
Energy saving design

The electronics in the new Grip achieve a 50% reduction (approx.) in standby current power and significant operational noise as compared to its predecessor.

Enhanced motor mechanism

The accuracy of the motors allow for extremely long and steady zooms. In addition, the precision of the drive exhibits minimal gear backlash.