Thermal Plate

High definition thermal CTP plate for commercial/newspaper applications


  • Newly developed MultiGrain technology and Double-Coating technology
  • Excellent tone and dot reproduction
  • Distinguished resistance to press room chemicals and scratches
  • UV ink compatibility without the need for baking
  • Easily-maintained ink/water balance
  • Batch-to-batch consistency offering repeatable, predictable results


[PDF]Brillia HD LH-PJ2 (PDF:70KB)
Brillia HD LH-PJ2 brings the quality and consistency of Fujifilm high definition CTP to users of thermal platesetters, allowing them to achieve consistently higher quality results more easily when printing demanding FM, hybrid or fine-line conventional screens.
[PDF]Superia ZP (PDF:1.20MB)
Superia ZP is a processless plate that eliminates the processor, chemistry, gum and water used in the conventional plate production process, the plate being taken straight from the platesetter onto the pressThis means Superia ZP represents the fastest way of getting a plate on-press, and all the variables associated with processors and finishing units, including the time and labour involved with their maintenance, are eliminated.

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