Luxel T-9800CTP NE

The Luxel T-9800CTP NE is an external drum platesetter that features cutting-edge CTP technology and a next generation imaging system incorporating a 512-channel exposure head, developed with the aid of a GLV™ (Grating Light Valve™) technology. It offers high precision output and superior productivity.


  • Large 940 mm × 1,160 mm 8-up format
  • Hiring a new optical technology; GLV™ (Grating Light Valve™), "Luxel T-9800CTP NE" realized a superb 512-channel Multi-Exposure system and enhances ultimate productivity in thermal plate setter.
  • 26 plates per hour at 2400 dpi
  • Four resolution levels from 1,200 to 2,540 dpi
  • Optional punch block configuration for a variety of plate sizes and press configurations.
  • The "Luxel T-9000ML V" multi-cassette autoloader enables to hold up to 5 cassettes (100 plates/cassette) and realizes efficient and high productivity.